Below are testimonials of clinicians, therapists, psychologists and patients, who have either been through one of the trainings, workshops or private therapy. 

If you have been experiencing Constellation Work with me, I would be more than glad to have your testimonial. Please send it to: constellationsil@gmail.com

“Yishai is a master teacher of Family Constellation Therapy. His insights reflect his years of experience honing the nuanced wisdom necessary to the unfolding of trans-generational issues that effect us in our lives today. Family Constellation Therapy gives the “problem”, sometimes still hidden today in our present lives, back to the generation in which the problem occurred. By doing so, we are liberated to live, fully alive, into our true selves without the unconscious weight of issues of past generations holding us hostage. Unlike so many modalities of therapy and coaching, Constellation Work moves us away from our “story”, and let’s the energies of the trans-generational system speak for, and heal, the past. I am such a fan of Yishai and this work that I have decided to certify in it myself!”

Barbara Whiteside, Whiteside Workshops

Enneagram Teacher and Coach

San Mateo CA


“Yishai Gaster’s Family Constellation classes were definitely one of the most well taught, enriching and fascinating workshops I’ve ever attended. Studying under Yishai’s brilliant teaching was one of my best experiences yet. Yishai’s knowledge and experience levels were absolutely incredible. The classes were well developed; Yishai is a great mentor that provided me with the tools necessary to continue using family constellation in my therapeutic field.

The course exceeded my expectations and significantly expanded my knowledge.” 

Orna Kasif, MA.

Boston Massachusetts.


I most appreciate your ability to be non-judgmental and to accept everything as it is. You came into my life in the middle of a freezing snowy winter in Boston and brought with you warmth of heart and a bag full of insights. In the next few meetings, the knowledge deepened and I see in that a great gift for my life. Even when you are geographically far, you are always available, responding, and shedding light in the path.

Thanks for the knowledge

Thanks for the insights

Thanks for who you are

Gil Chalamish
Boston MA


It has been some years that I know of Family Constellations, especially in Europe.

I was looking for a training and I found Yishai and enrolled on his training.  As a trainer, I have received from Yishai not just Constellations and a tool, but also the ability to be accept things with no judgment. Yishai not only teaches Constellations he lives it.

As a therapist who works with parents and children, Constellations as a tool has contributed a lot to my practice and gave me the ability to see the effects of trans-generational patterns, inclusion and healing. The private work with Yishai taught me patients, humility and unconditional love.

Thanks Yishai

And thanks to Constellations

Mairav Schreiber
Art therapist
Parrenthood and Awareness guide 

This is a good opportunity to tell you that, not only the world of Constellations is so wonderful to me, and beyond the great teaching that I experience through you, I really appreciate your ability to make space for me as a supervisor each time I have a question or an understanding in treatments, workshops, and my own process. Your insights, your systemic understanding, your accurate advise, not only bring me clarity, comfort and a path, they become part of my therapeutic self and this is great for me.

Family Constellations training have advanced profoundly my ability to be with mothers through their pregnancy and birth process, belief in my ability to as a facilitator of circles and workshops, and my existential understanding and daily life.

I am very deeply thankful for the opportunity to train and learn from you and I assume you hiccup at least once a day when I refer people to you…

Sharon Bartel-Kimchi
Shiatsu practitioner
Women circles and workshop facilitator


…In my meetings with Yishai, I have learned how the Family Constellations method works in one to one setting.

It allows for a flexible and intimate work on one’s issues. Yishai’s facilitation is empowering and gives much space for self-exploration. He works in a very precise and patient way and gives full attention to the issues I bring and the information and insights that arise from the constellation.

… On top of the one to one sessions, I have experienced working with my partner on our relationship issues. An experience I found unique as a concept for resolving couples’ issues. The Constellation method illustrates how conflicts between couples are actually unresolved issues that belong to each side, each with his or her own personal Constellation. This insight creates space for much respect for the tensions that arise in the relationship and an understanding of the importance of giving room for mutual, side-by-side self-development. That supports flourishing both within the relationship and of the relationship itself.

Also… I invited Yishai to facilitate a group of political activist to help explore current issues in the political arena using the Constellation method. This process was thought provoking both because the issue at stake was full of tensions and conflicts, and because the need to allow all experiences and ideas a space with no judgment and without the need to agree to all that is expressed. The insights that arose from this process were also thought provoking. These insights gave the discussion depth and took it much further from the usual, known arguments. Yishai’s ability to make the Constellation process accessible to a wide variety of people that have no knowledge of it made this a unique and enriching experience for the whole group.

Sagit Cohen


I have participated in two trainings facilitated by Yishai Gaster – Family Constellations for Focusing practitioners, which run over 18 months, and a 5 days intensive in Organizational Constellations.

Both these two fields were new to me. The first training of Family Constellations was for me a continuation of a two years course in Focusing with Dana Ganihar-Raz that later co-facilitated with Yishai in the Family Constellations training.

Studying Family Constellations developed for me another powerful therapeutic tool in my work as an educational psychologist working with Educational Systems and Families.

Yishai is an impressive facilitator and trainer who is able to integrate wonderfully between theory and practice.

He creates a very calm and pleasant atmosphere in the training that makes it possible for trainees to bring themselves and their difficulties with openness and depth. In doing so he allows for a meaningful and significant learning.

Yishai delivers the subject of constellations in a way that accentuates its significance in the thrapuetic field while at the same time shows how it can work with and compliment other methods.

I have come to regard Family and Organizational Constellations an important and valueble addition to my practice and highly recommend Yishai as a trainer and facilitator in this field.

Anat Sarel
Manager – Educational Psychology Jerusalem


Dear Yishai

Training with you is very significant for me. Your gentle attitude, your sharp intuition and the sense of homeliness that comes from you, give me much inspiration.

Uri (my husband) and I are training with you together. We are both continuously marveling the effects of the Constellation process and amazed at the deep heeling influence it has on us, on our kids and on our wider family. 

Gradually a new way of thinking enters our consciousness, which changes for us and for those around us the way we see the world.

At the end of the first year of training, I am aware of an inner change within me. A feeling of ‘growing availability’ where there is more room for everything. My life is still very hectic and full but I can meet it. Something in my deepest emotional landscape has changed.

In my clinic, I feel a new kind of freedom – the Constellation method is coming in more and more, I feel that through it I can integrate in a harmonic way other body-mind therapeutic methods that I have, like Focusing and Guided Imagery.

The Constellation method reveals and unfolds new levels of process, it allows for a new and surprising dialogue, and to connect deeply inwards.  

I am looking forward to the next training year, to learn more about my family and me, for heeling, for new understandings and insights. I hope to be able to bring it to more and more people, help them experience the magic of Family Constellations and bring peace to more families.

With thanks and gratitude

And love

Maya Lazar Shalem
 Language of Listening
Body Mind Meditation 
I have attended 3 sessions in 3 days format with Yishai Gaster and looking forward to the next session. It has been enriching, insightful and opened a new entire world for me. 

Yishai’s  knowledge, experience and patience create a magic space for learning and shifts to happen. I am grateful I took this opportunity. Constellations is a great tool that helps me to explore dynamics in my life. I have created meaningful relationships I cherish with my group members along the way. 

 With gratitude,

Anna Kreimer,

System Analyst, 

Boston, Massachusetts 


Dear Yishai

Studying Family Constellations connected for me three central strands of my professional life – theatre, psychodrama and Focusing Orientated Emotional Psychotherapy.

Family Constellations invites a creative group work that spontaneously occurs in the here and now, while looking at the personal past and the personal and collective unconscious, while the goal is to create a changing and healing process in the future.

The group member brings a personal issue that he or she wants to progress. But what occurs on the constellative stage by the group members touches issues and parts of the self that belong to each and every one of them. This process is of benefit to all who take part, by chance, or quite possibly, not by chance. 

Thank you for enriching my therapeutic tools, my view on people in their wider trans-generational familial context,

Thank you for the way you were with us in the meaningful processes we experienced,

And thank you for the return of the magic, the wonder and the mystery in the way I experience life.

Nava Ziv

Psychodrama Therapist

Focusing Orientated Emotional Psychotherapy.



” Yishai is a wonderful facilitator, I have done two family constellation workshops with him as well as an organizational constellation. He is a caring and thoughtful therapist and I have found each experience with him to be  transformative. He is also very willing to support you once you have completed his workshops. I highly recommend his workshops and look forward to doing his training soon”

Hemla Makan-Dullabh, Holistic Mentor, Palo Alto, CA