The team

Who are we: 

Yishai:   Founder and head trainer

I have been working with Constellations since 1996. This work is a huge passion of mine and I have seen it work wonders in so many places around the globe. I met it first in the UK when I saw the founder of this work Bert Hellinger present it and was enamored with it on first sight! In 2006 I have founded ISSCI – Institute for the Study of Systemic Constellations Israel, and have been facilitating and training this work internationally for many years. What I most love about the Constellation work is its ability to surprise and to bring about a ‘shift’ in many situations that seem  unshiftable. Although it can be quite a serious and deep process, it also brings about fun and creativity. By profession I am a psychotherapist (UKCP) and was VP in Columbia Marketing (UK) Book Wholesale Co.  for 10 years.

Galit: Trainer and facilitator

Creativity and playfulness are my life passions! They are the raw essentials of an exciting life. I find my self bringing these to all aspects of my very diverse professional exploits.  I am an enthusiastic Organizational Constellations facilitator and trainer developing and promoting this work in Israel and other countries. I accompany self employed professionals,  entrepreneurs and project leaders in finding their inner passion and bringing it to light. I am a certified Focusing Facilitator from the international focusing Institute,  and still feel deeply loyal to my previous vocation which was a Doula accompanying expectant mothers through their pregnancy and birth processes (15 years) training and supervising other birth workers in B. O. T. (Birth Orientated Therapy).


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