Consulting for the 21st Century

Healing happens when a system finds its wholeness and flow

This is where we come to you! Bringing the magic of the Constellations work to the organizational field!!!

Working with OC creates a higly engaging and creative process, that helps you move from your left – analytic and linear brain to your right – creative and non linear side.

What ever the issue at hand may be, in order to find a fresh, new and sometimes surprising way of engaging with it, working in the constellation way will take you to a new place of knowing.


We offer:

Leadership processes,                                              

Team building and facilitation,

Team vision quest,

Conflict resolution,

Getting teams out of their heads into their creativity,

Healing organizational trauma,


Decision making,


Innovation – creativity enhancement.


What will you get:

Solutions: Organizational Constellations is a state of the art highly creative process – that helps find solutions to a variety of situations in the daily life of an organization.

Effective: From working with CEOs and VPs to teams and individuals, OC is a fast and effective way to resolve stuck and problematic dynamics.

Creative: Due to its ability to create a highly creative environment, OC can promote ‘quantum leaps’ and ‘paradigm shifts’ in innovation, research and development processes.

Potential: ‘Authentic Representation’, which is an original development of OC, brings a revolution to the field of Organizational Consultancy and Development. It is a tool that engages the highly creative potential of a teams and individuals, which in turn bring ‘out of the box’ solutions.

Micro and Macro: In complex environments, inter-personal, inter-organizational, micro or macro situations, OC enhances the human ability to gain new perspectives and see options that where not visible before, to shift stuck places, and move from tunnel vision situations to expansive vision.

Simplification: OC is a practice that makes complexity models simple and manageable. It has the ability to dramatically simplify complex and multi-dimensional situations.

Training in OCIf you are interested in OC training please follow this link….

All of our facilitation is Constellations based. If you are looking for a new and exciting interactive approach, going beyond where you have been until now – get intouch:

Yishai: +972-53-8520790,          Galit: +972-50-8358914,


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