Training in Organizational Constellations – OC

For Organizational Consultants, Coaches, HR managers, Organizational Psychologists, managers, creative teams, Research and Development departments.

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Syllabus  highlights:

Systemic Constellations – background on development of the method.

Phenomenology – the theory of phenomena and its place in the Constellation Approach.

Authentic Representation – the ability of a representative to gain unconscious systemic information.

Systemic Perception (SP) – the boundaries of a system and how SP affects solution-finding.

Systemic Solution – principles of solutions relating to a whole system.

Field Phenomena and Parallel Dynamics – the relationship between outer reality and the consultancy reality.

Deconstruction and externalization – detection of the subject’s system and its elements, externalization of its elements and the effect of its symbolic representation.

Live simulation – group processes with representatives and representations.

Hidden dynamics – the origins of actions contrary to the purpose and unity of a team.

Chaos and Order – the role of chaos in finding new order.

Belonging in the system – a system works best when its ‘who & what’ are in the right location and relationships.

Radical Inclusion – the principle of radical inclusion and its application in finding solutions.

Timelines in Constellations – the role of time and its symbolization in resolving hidden dynamics.

Priority in the Organizational System – who and what preceded and their effect on the present.

The Systemic Consultant –  hidden relationships between consultant and client.

Entanglement – unconscious identification with the dynamics of the client’s field. Unconscious identification of the client with a dynamic or a figure originating from somewhere else in the system.

Wandering dynamic – a dynamic being expressed in a specific place in the system but which originates somewhere else.

Systemic Leadership – dynamics revolving around leadership and management.

Hidden loyalties – unconscious bonds and their effect on functioning.

Personal vs organizational dynamics the tension between personal and the organizational systems.

Resources – the unconscious relationships to resources.

Goal Constellation – structured Constellation around goals.

Decision Constellation – structured constellation in making decisions.

Project Constellation – free and structured constellation for a future project using organizational roles (finances/HR/clients/resources).

Organizational Roles Constellation – management/production/HR/finance/marketing/clients

Project / Product Development – using Representational Phenomena to reveal hidden potentials and hidden obstructions in development processes.

Scenario Constellation – preparing for a future situation using Constellations.


Organizational Constellations is a practice that can simplify complex situations and at the same time touch upon the depth of organizational processes.

It offers a lively way to interact with different issues and calls upon the ‘whole self’ of consultant and client to engage.

Wishing you a profound, illuminating and full of fun journey…

Yishai Gaster and Galit Herman…

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