Organizational Constellations

Organizational Constellations (OC) is a state of the art highly creative process – that helps find solutions to a variety of situations in the daily life of an organization. 

From working with CEO’s and managers to individuals and teams, OC is a fast and effective way to resolve stuck and problematic issues. Due to its ability to generate a highly creative environment, OC can also advance research and development processes.

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Who are we: 

Yishai:   Founder, head trainer and facilitator

I have been working with Constellations since 1996. This work is a huge passion of mine and I have seen it work wonders in so many places around the globe. I met it first in the UK when I saw the founder of this work Bert Hellinger present it and was enamored with it on first sight! In 2006 I have founded ISSCI – Institute for the Study of Systemic Constellations Israel, and have been facilitating and training this work internationally for many years. What I most love about the Constellation work is its ability to surprise and to bring about a ‘shift’ in many situations that seem  unshiftable. Although it can be quite a serious and deep process, it also brings about fun and creativity. By profession I am a psychotherapist (UKCP) and was VP in Columbia Marketing (UK) Book Wholesale Co.  for 10 years.

Galit  H: Management, trainer and facilitator

Creativity and playfulness are my life passions! They are the raw essentials of an exciting life. I find my self bringing these to all aspects of my very diverse professional exploits.  I am an enthusiastic Organizational Constellations facilitator and trainer developing and promoting this work in Israel and other countries. I accompany self employed professionals,  entrepreneurs and project leaders in finding their inner passion and bringing it to light. I am a certified Focusing Facilitator from the international focusing Institute,  and still feel deeply loyal to my previous vocation which was a Doula accompanying expectant mothers through their pregnancy and birth processes (15 years) training and supervising other birth workers in B. O. T. (Birth Orientated Therapy).


Galit MFacilitator and Coach

My desire is to awaken possibilities of growth in the organizational arena. For the last 15 years I support organizations, teams and talents to be the best version of themselves, by combining Organizational Constellation and many other effective methodologies, , achieve the desired paradigm shift in people’s mind to accelerate change and business results.

Following 12 years of managerial career (M.B.A, in Teva Pharmaceuticals)I understood that my mission is to bring more humanity to business life, in order to improve engagement, to increase collaboration, to develop independent thinking, innovation, creativity, communication, and more.

As a master trainer and L&D Director in N.E.W.S.TM Coaching and Training LTD, I had the privilege to coach and train successfully business owners, general managers and executives in more than 500 organizations around the world, some of whom are from the ‘Fortune 100’ companies such as Microsoft, Intel, GE, HP, Amdocs, IBM, Microsoft, Pfizer, Abbott, AstraZeneca, Abbvvie, , Sanofi-Aventis, Abbott, Novartis, IKEA and P&G, to name a few.


Avital: Project Manager and Consultant

I have always loved order and organization; I love helping people and organizations solve organizational and process problems by bringing clarity into chaos.

I am an industrial and management engineer and organizational consultant and specialize in project management, organizational structures and organizational processes –
 these skills I acquired in undergraduate and graduate studies and during my 10 years working in a large consulting company in Israel.

But today, after being certified as a Focusing Facilitator and studying organizational constellation, I bring in addition to a great deal of academic and organizational experience and knowledge, an added value to the counseling world that has always been lacking for me – the personal point of view, the person in the organization and not just the job or the title he has. Both tools I have acquired allow me to give people in the organization the recognition and listening they need and to help them find the right solution for them in a creative and innovative way.