Organizational Constellations

Training and Seminars in Organizational Constellations – OC


For Organizational Consultants, Coaches, HR managers, Organizational Psychologists, managers, creative teams, Research and Development. 





Solutions: Organizational Constellations is a state of the art highly creative process – that helps find solutions to a variety of situations in the daily life of an organization.

Effective: From working with CEO’s and managers to teams and individuals, OC is a fast and effective way to resolve stuck and problematic issues. 

Creative: Due to its ability to create a highly creative environment, OC can advance research and development processes with individuals and teams.

Potential: ‘Live simulations’, which is an original and some-what revolutional development of OC, is a tool that engages the creative potential of a person and a team, which in turn brings an ‘out of the box’ solution. 

Micro and Macro: In complex environments, whether it be inter-personal, inter-organizational, micro or macro situations, OC enhances the human ability to gain new perspectives and see options that where not visible before, to shift stuck places, and move from tunnel vision situations to expansive vision. 

Simplification: OC is a practice that makes complexity models simple and manageable. It has the ability to dramatically simplify complex and multi-dimensional situations.   

The Training

Course structure: Four modules.

Whole course is 140 hours.

This course can be structured as:

18 meetings of one day workshops.

6 meetings of three days workshops.

40 meetings of three and a half hours.

For the full course syllabus…