Family Constellations in Brief

Our body is a vast system of relationships and possibilities that resonate our family’s history, present and future. It contains many constellations of inter-relating characters and stories that are present in our daily lives.


Family Constellations is a method that makes it possible for the therapist to have a systemic and a trans-generational view in which the client interacts. It offers new understandings and tools for change in the field of projections, transference and counter-transference.

Family Constellations brings exciting ideas such as:

Trans-generational Patterns: The origin of many issues surrounding – relationships, emotional and physical pain are an expression of identification and entanglement with unresolved dynamics and stories of previous generations. That is why, in a family constellations process we would be looking at and taking care of the familial-generational origin of the issue at hand.

How do we arrive at this familial origin of the issue?

Field Identification: As in Somatic Counter-transference, the human body has the ability to experience authentic information in relation to the other. In a constellation process, the client will choose representations that will re-present characters and elements from his or her personal, familial and trans-generational story. With the experience of Field Identification, the hidden origin of the issue becomes visible.

The Family Constellations therapist’s ability is then, to make possible for the story and unresolved dynamic that have become visible to come to resolution. Once a resolution has occurred amongst the representations, a shift occurs within the client’s inner-self followed by a change to the better in his or her outer reality.

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