FC – Training Syllabus

Group Facilitation and Individual Setting.

The full training in Family Constellations is divided into two segments: The Basic Training, and The Advance Training. Each part is comprised of 20 meetings, either monthly or bi-monthly.

The full training is 140 hours.

(Three day intensives have a different structure, please contact me for details)

I am happy to see how we could tailor the training to your requirements.



The Basic Training in Family Constellations:

Module A:

Experiential using representatives.

“Life is an endless current and each person is grounded in the current to which he belongs. He cannot disengage, not from his ancestors, not from those who gave him birth and not even from his decedents who will take care of his continuity. This ‘ancestry of belonging’ is not just a name in the family tree. The meaning of it is: feeling in your body the presence of your parents and your grand-parents, and feeling that your own body lives on in your children’s body”. Prof. Yolanda Genpel

In this first module, the focus will be on experiencing personal processes with Family Constellations with the aid of representatives and representations. Theoretical models to enhance the understanding of the dynamics that are operating in the family system and that are influencing it will accompany the experiential work.


Module a:

Field transference and occurrence.

Field identification.

Phenomenology in the constellation process.


Hellinger’s three basic orders of systems.

Belonging in the family system current and historical.

Trans-generational patterns.

Disturbance of the chronological order and its effect on the present.

Family historical roots and the present.

Parents’s history and its effect on child behaviors.

Divorce, second marriage and children.

Abortion, miscarriages, IVF, and ‘new families’ in Family Constellations.

Loss and loss in the family.

Perpetrator and victim dynamics.


Module B: 

Family Constellations in one to one setting.

“A person is entangled when he or she unconsciously takes over the fate of an earlier member of the family and lives it out”. – Bert Hellinger.

In this module, participants will exercise constellations process with each other incorporating the theoretical principles and guidelines into their work under supervision.

Subjects for the second module:

Intake, work agreement and the goal of the process.

Using felts representations for symbolic externalization.

Reading the structures that unfold.

Phenomenological facilitation.

The issue and its source.

Turning to the past.

Discovering the time line.

Opening and resolving the original generational trauma.

Resources and support in the system.

Working without  information.

The facilitator’s relationship with the client and the constellation.

Constellation in imagery.

Transference, counter-transference and projections in the systemic constellation.

Use of change initiating statements.

‘Kidnapping’ of the therapist (systemic counter-transference).

Creative thinking that is inspired by the field.

Reaching out movement.


The Advance Training

Module c:

Dynamic Constellations

“Our bodies are whole systems of relationships and potentials that echo our history, our present and our future and that of our family. These systems contain many constellations of inter-relationships of characters and stories that play out in our daily lives”.  -Yishai Gaster

This third module focuses on deepening the ‘identification ability’ with the constellations field and the body’s innate wisdom in finding the movement towards a systemic solution.


Subjects for the third module:

Radical Inclusion.

The body as an identifying tool.

Authentic movement towards resolution.

The hidden story.

Working with the ‘It’ language

Working with chaos on the way to spontaneous resolution.

Inter personal dynamics and system dynamics.

The knowing field.

Module D:

Practicing facilitation of dynamic constellations

Bert Hellinger: “The therapist has to develop a certain attitude to do this work. He reveals himself to the constellation without any purpose. He looks at the constellation, opens himself to it, and he does not know what to do. He just waits. He is not afraid of what will appear. He trusts the greater force. This is very near to what Lou Tse describes in Tau Te Ching – by doing nothing something happens. Suddenly he sees the next step, or, he hears a sentence that he then asks the participant to say. These are not ready-made sentences, they appear suddenly from the depth and if you say them, they have power to bring change. So Family Constellations is also an art”. 


This is the advanced module in this training. It is the time where participants are called upon to facilitate constellations with representatives. This unique and sometimes challenging experience brings a new connection between facilitator and field. The experience of facilitating with representatives deepens the ability of the therapist to contain and work with complex situations in the one to one setting and in a group setting.


Subjects for the fourth module:

Relationship between facilitator and Field.

Facilitator as holder of structure and chaos.

Scenario planning and uncertainty in facilitation.

Paradoxes and conflictual polarities at the core of the moment.

The four elements in traumatic events.

Following the movement of the constellations and the emerging story.

Between theory and practice.

Containment and Intervention.


Written work:

For certification, a written work of 1500 words must be given before the end of the course. The paper must have at least one case study, description of unfolding process from intake to conclusion. Elaboration on principles and moments of ‘shift’ or change in the process. Describing the repeating dynamics across the system and the way it played out. Class peers will assess the written work.


Reading list:

Acknowledging What Is – Bert Hellinger

Love’s Hidden Symmetries – Bert Hellinger

Touching Love: Bert Hellinger at Work with Family Systems



Systemic Constellations is not just therapy

It is an interaction with the matrix of

That that is called  life

At first you marvel at the phenomena

You are excited and you have a sense of the hidden potential

Then, as you progress further and you experience more

Step by step a new logic comes into place

The logic of systems

The logic of interconnected and interrelated

Boundless realty that is us. 

I Wish you an exciting course that will take you on a journey of discovery and new ways of understanding and being.

Yishai Gaster

Disclaimer of Liabilty

Please note that Yishai Gaster and The Institute for The Study of Systemic Constellations do not assume any responsibility for, nor are they liable for, the actions, non-actions, words or behaviors of facilitators, therapists and clinicians associated or trained by Yishai Gaster himself, or other trainers of the above institute. For that reason, Yishai Gaster and the above institute cannot warrant or endorse the services provided by other trainers or facilitators.

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