Systemic Constellations and Supervision

Constellations and the phenomena of transference and counter-transference in the therapeutic relationship.

With the help of phenomenology and representation phenomena, Constellations is a process that helps the therapist to unfold a wide arena, a system, within which, the client’s internal and historical scenario is played out.

This way of working, demonstrates clearly how the therapist finds him/herself embodying a role of one (and sometimes more) figure/s from these scenarios.

It is the relationship between the client and this figure, or, even, this figure and another figure from this arena, which tends to manifest itself in the therapeutic relationship, in the form of transference and counter-transference and projective identification.

Once the different relational figures are fully embodied and become conscious (known) in the ‘here and now’, and the most ‘currently charged’ relationship, becomes apparent, a movement within this relationship can occur.

This movement has a deep affect on the influence of transference – counter- transference in the therapeutic relationship. It, not only, brings a fresh insight to the familial entanglement that the client enacts, it also brings a certain shift to the therapist client relationship. 

Apart from helping the therapist to have an in depth understanding of the dynamics that occur, this movement will also help him/her find a new relational stance to the client and to his or her story.

Yishai Gaster