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Family Constellations  

Family Constellations is a therapy that works with the systemic and trans-generational view in which we interact. It draws on the wisdom of other therapies such as: Gestalt, Psychodrama, Family Therapy and Body Psychotherapy. It offers new understandings in the field of projections, transference and counter-transference, and a unique way to bring healing to self and system. Click for details on Family Constellations Training 

Organizational Constellations

Organizational Constellations (OC) is a state of the art highly creative process – that helps find solutions to a variety of situations in the daily life of an organization. From working with CEO’s and managers to individuals and teams, OC is a fast and effective way to resolve stuck and problematic issues. Due to its ability to generate a highly creative environment, OC can also advance research and development processes. Click for details on Organizational Training


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